Friday, November 2, 2007

Basic Guy v3.0 still coming...

Well, I figured that I would at least post something so that all of you that continue to stop by can see that I'm at least moving forward on the new Basic Guy. His current status is that his face is all skinned and the controls are all there. I just need to get them all hooked up to the Osipa style controls... You may have noticed that I have modeled the eyes into the head as well. I had originally planned on doing the floating eye thing, but I decided that it was time to build them in. I also added forehead wrinkles to add just a bit more to his appeal. I have a list of "wants" that people have requested for his rig, that I will try to get in at some point. But, for v3.0, it will most likely only have the updated head. That is what most people have requested.

Now for my excuse as to why I'm not done yet. One word: Work. This month (well, the last 30 days) my task list has become almost too much to do (well, it actually is, but who needs sleep anyway;) ). I have just over a week left before I need to deliver my files to the programmers to implement. After that, my number one goal is to get BG v3.0 done (Well, that and keep my wife and son happy)!!! I'm dying to start setting keys on him as well. I haven't animated much with him in about 3 or 4 years (The apple piece in my reel is about the only animation I ever finished with him).

So once again I apologize for the delay. He is so close.

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Basic Guy v3.0 coming soon!

So, some of you may have downloaded my character "Basic Guy" and maybe you have even animated him. One of the biggest "complaints" that I always get is "Yo Tim, why does he not have a mouth man?!?!?!"? Well, I had originally created him for just physical acting exercises...meaning no facial animations. But, as time moved on, I decided to update him a bit. So he received eyes and a black "uni-brow" bar. That was version 2.

Now, put on your pants and buckle your seat belts because folks... Basic Guy is getting a mouth! Woo WOO! I also plan on adding some other small (hopefully cool) rig features. "But Tim, when man? When will you release Basic Guy v3.0?"? Now that is the million dollar question... I'm trying to get it done soon. But, being back in the workforce full time, having an 11 month old son, a wife, 2 dogs, a house to upkeep, and other "reasons" leave me little free time (and energy). However, I have been trying to do some late nighters so that I can get him done. So, I don't have a date to give you, but I do hope that it is soon.

Here is a screen cap of his new head. I'm thinking that I might leave it detached, because then, I could have head "options" down the road. What do you all think? Good idea? I also would love to have a "Basic Girl" as well. But, first things first...

So anyway, I am still here and am trying really hard to get this guy done. God knows that I am dying to get back to my own personal animations!!! I enjoy creating characters and even rigging, but my passion is animation.

Cheers and happy animating!!!


P.S. welcome to my new blog!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So, I felt left out of the whole blogging trend that has been taking over the world and well, I decided that I would give it a try. Hopefully, you will find my thoughts, postings, and whatever else I decide to throw in your faces amusing or at least worth your time to read...

So without further ado ...3...2...1...Blast off!!!!