Friday, September 14, 2007

Basic Guy v3.0 coming soon!

So, some of you may have downloaded my character "Basic Guy" and maybe you have even animated him. One of the biggest "complaints" that I always get is "Yo Tim, why does he not have a mouth man?!?!?!"? Well, I had originally created him for just physical acting exercises...meaning no facial animations. But, as time moved on, I decided to update him a bit. So he received eyes and a black "uni-brow" bar. That was version 2.

Now, put on your pants and buckle your seat belts because folks... Basic Guy is getting a mouth! Woo WOO! I also plan on adding some other small (hopefully cool) rig features. "But Tim, when man? When will you release Basic Guy v3.0?"? Now that is the million dollar question... I'm trying to get it done soon. But, being back in the workforce full time, having an 11 month old son, a wife, 2 dogs, a house to upkeep, and other "reasons" leave me little free time (and energy). However, I have been trying to do some late nighters so that I can get him done. So, I don't have a date to give you, but I do hope that it is soon.

Here is a screen cap of his new head. I'm thinking that I might leave it detached, because then, I could have head "options" down the road. What do you all think? Good idea? I also would love to have a "Basic Girl" as well. But, first things first...

So anyway, I am still here and am trying really hard to get this guy done. God knows that I am dying to get back to my own personal animations!!! I enjoy creating characters and even rigging, but my passion is animation.

Cheers and happy animating!!!


P.S. welcome to my new blog!


Erik Westlund said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks like you are off to a good start.

Just for the record... I like Basic Guy v2.0. I think it is valuable for students learning animation to have some limits in which to work creatively. Not necessarily a popular opinion inside the CG community but hey someone has to say it.

Just because we can build it doesn't mean we always have to.

Look at the rigs created for Animation Mentor. "Stewie" for instance has a segmented version with no face or only eyes and a full version that includes a complete mesh and some frighteningly large eyes in a full facial setup. Nice stuff to work with and not all provided from the beginning, but instead dolled out in stages as students develop in skill and understanding.

Then again. I will probably be downloading and using Basic Guy v3.0 when he is ready. Basic Girl too if that setup comes about.

Thanks for sharing Tim.

ps. is there a way for curious animation students to contact you regarding rigging and animation?

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Hey Tim! Your new website looks awesome. And this new version of Basic Guy looks really cool! Can't wait for it! WOOOT!

Cheers!! :)


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

great, i can see you gonna give him a mouth...i can´t wait.
good work tim.

Patrick Moreira said...

Hey Tim,

Loved the new look site mate. Looking forward to see BG 3.0.

All the very best mate.


Sydney, Australia

CheeriO said...

-Eric: Thanks man! I'm excited for BG v3.0 to get done. I've had the flu for a bit and haven't had the energy to work on him after I finish work. So I'm a bit behind schedule... or at least the schedule I had set in my head. I think that I'll include both heads to date in the release. So if you want to use the old school version then that would still be available. I'll get my contact info up on my site somewhere. I just hate the "spammers" that have to try and ruin the whole internet experience.

-Amrit: Thanks dude... I know you can't wait;) soon man... hopefully soon!

-Dan: thanks for stopping by and thanks!

-Patrick: I like the new site too. My last site was so stale and boring. My old site is still around, but my blog will be the main thing that people see. It also opens up a fun way of communication too.

Cheers guys!

Peter Segers said...

Hi Tim,

I just found your Basic Guy by looking at a Keith Lango VTS and he mentions you :)
Just wanted to say I love it and can't wait to use V3. I allready used it to practise my walkcycles some more and so far it works like a charme.
Many thanks :)

- P -