Friday, July 25, 2008

Tutorial: FK/Ik matching

Oh my, what's this!?!?! Another post in the month of July! That makes for a total of 3 whole posts this month (a loud gasp is heard from the masses)! Yeah yeah yeah, I'm as surprised as the rest of you;) Who knows, maybe I'll become a "good" blogger after all. Hah! I doubt that very much...

Anyway, I just finished a tutorial that I have been meaning to write for a while now. It's a tutorial on how I do the fk/ik matching in my rigs. It's about 7 or so pages long. I quickly cover how I create my arm rigs as well as the MEL code that I use to match one rig to the other. Hopefully, it is clear enough (and not too boring) to follow along. Of course this is just one way to do this task. But, it seems to work well for me. It also seems to be very quick for Maya to evaluate.

The download consists of:
1) A Maya scene (created in Maya 7.0.1, but should work in Maya 7-2008)
2) the tutorial (".pdf" style)
3) the MEL scripts

Go ahead, sit back with a big, hot cup of (strong) coffee and read on...

Here is the direct link:
Tim's fkik_snapping/matching_tutorial

Cheers and enjoy!


Yeray Díaz Díaz said...

Great stuff Tim! Took me some time to read it through but you came up with a pretty clever solution to something that I always found extremely useful when using your rigs. Thanks a lot for sharing it! :D

CheeriO said...

Glad you made it through Yeray! It is very dry and boring to read. It was originally going to be much shorter, but when I sat down and started I realized that if I didn't explain a lot of the set up steps people would not understand... and would ask me to explain myself anyway;) So hopefully, I answered a lot of the questions in the tutorial.

Cheers and thanks for posting!

Jose said...

Great Info!!! thanks a lot for your time!

ouchstudio said...

thank you for this tutorial.

Anonymous said...

You're AMAZING !

Thx a fuck*** lot !

pablo sepulveda said...

thanks the constrain is orient or paret? in the 3 chains

Tim said...

Hey Pablo... sorry for the slow reply. I'm not sure I understand your question though. Which step(s) are you confused on (if it's an orient or parent constraint...)?

Niklas said...

Great stuff Tim!
I've been looking into Ik/Fk matching for a while now without much luck in comming up with a solution, so thanks a lot for sharing :)

A small tip to simplify the scripts though is to use "xform" instead of get/setAttr.

nickyliu said...

I love the idea of using dummy locator for pole-vector to snap to. The solution becomes stupid simple.

BTW, I always use single line to align things.
delete `pointConstraint A B`;

Brice said...

Thanks a lot for this man !
It helped me a lot achieving what I wanted.

Keep it up