Thursday, April 9, 2009

slight bug fix for Basic Guy

Hey all,
If you downloaded BG v3.3.03 you will want to get v3.3.04. There was a small bug reported. I forgot to re-parent the left proxy foot to follow the rig...doh! Anyway, that has now been fixed and can be downloaded below...



mattanimation said...

Tim, I love your rig, I used it for the demo reel that got me the job I have now...where I am learning to rig too! :) I was curious what resources you might have used to achive you final result, other than Aaron Holly's dvd or Sean Nolan if any, Thanks again, you can see my reel from graduation at

Tim said...

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the kind words man! That's awesome too that you got a gig with him on your reel! Congrats man... awesome!

So where have I learned all my rigging things...? good question. Honestly man, I've learned a lot by just doing and re-doing. I'll look at somebodies rig to see how they're doing things and then try to do something similar. Which usually opens my eyes to something else and so on and so on. But, I do own a ton of rigging DVDs and books as well. Digital Tutors, Autodesk, etc. But, honestly, I never really read them or watch them all the way trough. I'll see something and get all excited and need to try it out. And, by the time I'm done with that, I'm off onto something else.

I do plan on writing down all/some more of my rigging techniques. God knows I'm dying to do a procedural script and that would be the first step. As soon as I do, I'll post that here. But, as to when....? Work and "life" are very busy right now.

Cheers and congrats and thanks again!

Rafael Barriola said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for bg! great job. i learned a lot!!!

S. A. Bebin Chandra said...

hi sir thanks for you cool rig. me and my friend use your rig for dong our demo reel and short movie which is under progress. Found one problem in the rig sir the hand works good in fk when i switch to ik while doing some pose the wrist twists by itself i have to adjust such a way it wont twist which changes the pose that i want sir can you please help me on this problem

Tim said...

Hi S.A. Bebin Chandra,
I'm not completely sure I understand the issue you're having. But, if I were to guess it sounds like you're trying to switch between fk and ik mode over a few frames...? This can lead to some ugliness in certain instances (wrist twisting all over the place). I would use the fk/ik matching in the bgWin.mel script. This makes it so that you can switch between modes in 1 frame without popping.

You'll just want to set keys on your fk arm rig controls and ik rig controls the frame before you match and switch (I work with auto key on which makes things much easier... when you "match" it sets the keys for you automatically, And then when you switch between modes it automatically sets keys on the switch too). I overlooked that in the script when I originally wrote that (doh!). But,I plan on re-writing that a bit soon anyway.

For me though, I haven't come across any issues (flipping, pops, etc) with it yet, but who knows... maybe there is something funky going on there.

I hope that helps you somewhat...?
Cheers and good luck,

S. A. Bebin Chandra said...

sorry sir i cant explain the problem in my words the link below has the file which has a twist in the left hand wrist

Tim said...

Hey again S.A. Bebin Chandra,
I got your file and took a look at it this morning. I uploaded a video for you to watch. It seemed easier to demonstrate in a video rather than type out the process (I hope that it helps you out. I'm also sorry if I pronounced your name incorrectly!).
Here is that video:

Also, you can call me "Tim" need for "sir" ;)

cheers and good luck!

S. A. Bebin Chandra said...

Thank you very much for your help